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Posted on Oct 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Ace 250 – A Treasure Magnet for New Treasure Hunters


Garrett Detectors is a leading name in the metal detector industry and when we talk of metal detector for any use, Garrett brand is always on top because of its sophisticated technology and customer satisfaction for the products. Every model of Garrett Detectors is best-selling from home to commercial and industrial uses. Among many other models of Garrett, Ace 250 is rated very high because of preferred choice of many fresher treasurer hunters searching for gold, silver, jewelry, vestiges and more in treasure hunting.

ace 250

Why Ace 250 is good

It is good for entry level because it’s affordable in their budgets, candid and easy to use making it good for them to gain the experience. It is really a great kit that can be learned easily by those who have just entered in this field and is good for home utility as well. In fact, it is meant for mid-level but is easy to grasp by the beginners.

Features of Ace 250

Ace 250 has a long list of features starting from push-button controls for power, discrimination, mode, sensitivity, pinpoint and eliminating for simple one touch operations and large 10” LCD display for easy and accurate reading of Target ID, Detecting Mode, Coin Depth Indicator and Battery monitor. It is provided with lot of different compatible search coils which are good for beginners’ use because of its ability to fake out trash metals. Apart from main features, it has long battery life up to 30 hours with just 4 x AA batteries. It comes with three basic beep sounds for targets and fourth sound when target is reached. It has facility to decide whether an object is too deep to dig or not.


It is a good metal detector for beginner treasure hunters who are in the learning phase because it is easy to use and understand and once you are mastered, it will let you search many precious articles from the earth’s womb.