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Posted on Mar 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Discussing the disadvantages of using anabolic steroids UK

Introduction: Anabolic steroids are the performance enhancing steroids with different types of beneficial effects as stated below:

  1. They help in improving the body mass, body strength and provide power to the body so that one can achieve the particular bodybuilding goal.
  2. They can help in the quick recovery of the body.
  3. They lead to the good blood flow and maintaining the hormonal balance which is required for the body building.

uk steroids

Disadvantages of using anabolic steroids UK: n this piece of writing we are focusing on the some of the disadvantages of using the anabolic steroids UK. Although they are the performance enhancers of the body but due to the steroid misuse or we can say abuse there can be certain disadvantages of using steroids. Some of them have been stated as follow:

  1. Some of the steroids may lead to heart problems, kidney problems, and the problem with both cardiovascular and nervous system of the body.
  2. In the case of men who are using these drugs regularly, there can be the problem with their sex life. Testicles may shrink, sperm count may minimize, growth in the chest and may lead to cancer as well. It can lead to infertility in men as well.
  3. In the case of kids who are taking steroids, they may hit puberty earlier; they may have speed reduction in case of growth and many more side effects.
  4. For ladies, well, there may have the effect on the menstrual cycle, they may get a manly voice and moreover, hair loss and clitoris enlargement are some of the side effects.

Conclusion: Although all these disadvantages are not with everyone and every type of anabolic steroids UK. But one must be careful while using these steroids and should use them with the help proper guidance and care.