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Posted on May 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Enter the Architectural World with Rudy Gabsi’s Blogs

Building a structure can be achieved only under the expert guidance of an architect and a construction manager. Before moving any further, you should know about the roles of an architect and a construction manager. Also, here you will get innovative ideas of construction.

Rudy Gabsi, a famous blogger, which is passionate about writing about architecture and construction, gives you an insight into the job roles of an architect and a construction manager.

A brief introduction to the job role of an architect

An architect lays down the plan of the building. These plans are based on engineering designs. An architect includes utility lines in the drawing. If, during the process of construction, changes are required in the plan, an architect improvises the plan and makes necessary changes.


A brief introduction to the job role of a construction manager

A construction manager supervises the construction process. He sees to it that quality materials are used and the project gets completed on time. He is responsible for coordinating the workers working under him.

Some tips of construction and architectural designs

A balance between a good architecture and construction management is essential for the successful completion of a construction project. Here are some construction and architectural tips:

  • Take time to research before constructing the design. Come up with a unique design.
  • Keep the budget factor in mind.
  • See to it that the foundation is strong. The strength of the building depends on the foundation.
  • Do not compromise with the quality of materials to be used in construction.

You can get more such tips when you read the blogs of Rudy Gabsi.

Rudy Gabsi suggests that as an investor, if you have any concerns, you can get them clarified by the persons in charge. So, you can talk to that concerned person without making the situation awkward, if you know the distinction between an architect and a construction manager.