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Posted on Mar 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Some intersecting facts about Carrageenan

Extracted from the sea weed, carrageenan is a natural food ingredient that is used for the thickening of low fat food and dairy replacements. There has been adebate bustling on carrageenan since decades on if it is safe for humans and animals. Listed below are some interesting facts about carrageenan that will bind you to explore more about this additive.

Carrageenan contributes to 70% Oxygen in the world

Amused? But that’s the fact. Around 70% of the world’s oxygen comes from sea weeds and other related algae. Now you must be wondering how. So, the quantity of the sea weeds and algae in oceans are nine times higher than the plants on our land which makes them an oxygen source. Not just this, but the production rate of sea weeds are six times higher than intensive agricultural systems and thus forms the basis of food chain in the oceans.

Carrageenan is not a plant, not always soft, sometimes hard as rock

Carrageenan cannot be considered as plant and also it can be hard as rock sometimes. These should be plantedin its own surrounding and amongst its own family, as it has three life cycle stages which perhaps, are possessed by the only group of organisms.

Carrageenan is odorless and tasteless

Despite of being a food additive and being used majorly in food industry for setting up the mixture, Carrageenan is completely odorless and tasteless. They also contain the phycocolloids extracts which is used in dairy products, deserts and other food items.

Apart from this, Carrageenanis often used in cosmetics, hair care and body care products for its enduring benefits. Summarizing it all, Carrageenan is not just a food additive but has several astounding facts that make it even more interesting to traverse across its history.