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Posted on Aug 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Taking phenibut with alcohol is not the best idea

Phenibut is an anti depression drug that was invented in the 1960. It is a treatment to some of the major depression problems. However taking phenibut with alcohol is definitely not the best option. It could have certain disadvantages that you do not want to get into.

Alcohol itself is an agent that disables the nervous system. The work of both these agents is similar to one another. However alcohol is available to you without a prescription and phenibut is not. If you are into alcohol you should not be looking into another option.

Alcohol itself is a harmful agent to consume, it have various adverse effect on health. However small units of alcohol can act as pain killers and also help to recover from a trauma. If the limits increase then alcohol can cause damage to the nervous system or the kidney or liver.

mixing alcohol and phenibut

Taking phenibut with alcohol is a problem:

Phenibut on the other hand does not harm the human body. However if you are planning on having it with alcohol then you are just trying to pour gasoline on fire. The side effects of alcohol can be doubled when combined with phenibut.

A drug like phenibut is not easily available across the counter of a chemist. However if you have a doctor’s prescription you may find it easier to get. Even a doctor will advise you that taking phenibut with alcohol is not a good idea to consume.

Instead of curing your problems these two combined agents will aggravate your problems. The side effects are huge. Often it may also lead to memory loss or even life loss. So when dealing with these two agents you need to be careful about not mixing them together. This is in your best interest to keep yourself safe from a disorder.